About Victor Dlamini

Victor DlaminiVictor began his career as a reporter at the Sunday Tribune newspaper in KwaZulu Natal, before moving into public relations and corporate communications in Johannesburg. He has held senior appointments at organizations including the Independent Electoral Commission, Uthingo (the first National Lottery Operator) and JCI Limited. Victor was chairman of Chillibush Communications, an advertising company and a founding director of Dlamini Weil Communications.

Victor graduated cum laude at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, where he read for an honours degree in English Literature. His philosophy: “You must decide what is important in your own life, and then do it with all the love and care possible.”

Victor Dlamini presented the show “SAfm Literature” on South Africa’s national broadcaster before starting his current project, the Victor Dlamini Literary Podcast. He has had a passion for books for as long as he can remember, and at any given time is to be found reading between at least two to three titles. He is deeply interested in the way language reflects who we are, and he says that for him a book is as much about what the writer has chosen to leave out of the narrative.

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